Need 帮助 with Admission, Registration, Financial 援助, Holds or other questions? 的 campus is open and in person and remote 帮助 is 可用.  

的 PCC Campus and 虚拟支持中心 will be closed on Monday, May 27th, in observance 阵亡将士纪念日. We will re-open with normal hours on Tuesday, May 28th

你是新生吗? 的 First Year Experience (FYE) staff are ready to 帮助 你.



虚拟支持中心 下降时间

使用我们的 虚拟支持中心 to get 帮助 from our friendly PCC staff.


  1. 访问 虚拟支持中心登录页面
  2. 用你的枪骑兵ID号登录
    • If 你 don't have a Student ID #, select “Not a student yet” under the sign-in button.
    • 我们建议申请入学 www.帕萨迪纳市.edu/apply 
  3. When it's 你r turn, a PCC team member will contact 你 to start 你r session!  We use email, text, and phone call communication methods.  

注:The phone number may show “no caller ID” or it may be a “626” phone number.  如果他们 想你了,请再报名.  请确保您的联系方式是最新的 在LancerPoint约会. 



When the Help Centers are closed, 你 can reach out to us by phone or by email  — 我们的PCC操作员在这里帮助您!
电子邮件: gotopcc@帕萨迪纳市.edu or 请致电(855) GO-TO-PCC.


入学及注册指南 & 视频

Learn how to use LancerPoint to complete the steps to enroll at PCC. 无论你是 new to PCC or just need a refresher on how to start 你r semester, these guides will 帮助!

操作指南 & 视频


Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about starting the new semester. 

Plan to complete 你r educational plan (choosing classes) early so that 你 can register 在你指定的日期/时间.   

:完成咨询过程 在线


其他同学:  If 你 know what classes 你 need to take 你 can register on 你r assigned registration 日期/时间.  额外的信息
完成 在线先决条件通关表. Additional instructions are provided on the website.  It usually takes 7-10 business days for processing so please complete 你r request 尽快.  
While registering, 你 may see one of the following items which may make it difficult 让你注册. 使用我们的 故障排除指南 看看你的错误意味着什么,以及如何修复它. 
申请经济援助,请填写 免费申请联邦学生资助 (FAFSA)或 CA梦行为申请 (不是美国公民或永久居民),但满足 ab540准则. 通常需要4-6周的时间处理.  

请访问 申请毕业后的期待 了解更多信息.   


  • 完全在线 异步
    • 异步 意味着你的在线课程是预先录制的. 您没有在特定的时间登录. Instead, 你 will 访问 class material on Canvas and complete assignments within a specific timeframe as specified by 你r instructor.
  • 完全在线 同步
    • 同步 意思是“生活”.  你会 log in at a specific time to take 这门课. 

You can learn more about how a course is being offered by checking the 课程表. 请注意:你的在线日程表上写着:稍后通知"对于所有的类"异步”.

需要一台笔记本电脑? Laptops are 可用 to borrow from the PCC 图书馆. 你可以在…期间参观图书馆 他们的开放时间是去看一看!


You can visit us in-person or purchase books 在线.  


  1. 你可以购买课本 在线 and pick them up at the 书店 service windows or 你 can have them shipped to 你
  2. Financial aid vouchers for Lancer 援助, EOPS, NextUp, Stars, CARE, Veterans, Department of Rehabilitation) will be 可用 for 在线 order payment. 如果你获得了奖励 a voucher, 你 will receive an email from Financial 援助 with information on how to 访问.
  3. If 你 cannot shop 在线,  purchase or rent books at the entrance to the Textbook 书店一层(二楼).
  4. If 你 may visit the 书店 to purchase school supplies/art supplies. 

参观 书店的网站 查看商店营业时间和最新信息

You can get 你r LancerCard ID in the Pathways Center, V-100 or at the Foothill Campus.



  • Most classes have waitlists in order to provide students with a chance to get a seat in a class if a student registered in 这门课 drops it.
  • If 你 are on the waitlist and are offered a seat in the class by a system email, 你 have 48 hours to register for the class before it ​the notification expires. ​An 电子邮件将发送到您的邮箱.帕萨迪纳市.Edu账户通知您是否有座位 可用. 请经常查看这封邮件.
  • All waitlist notifications expire ​the day before the class begins.
  • If the professor for 这门课 provides 你 with an add code it will not work until 课程的第一个会议日. This add code expires on the last day to add/drop 课程(普查日前一日). 点击课程的CRN 重要日期的课程表. 


Waitlists for closed classes expire on the day before the class begins. 了解更多信息 太阳城集团官方网址导航速成课程,请阅读我们的“如何速成课程".


的 deadline for dropping a class without a W is listed in the 课程时间表. 点击5位数的CRN就可以找到. 一定要点击每一个CRN course in the schedule of classes to determine the last day to drop without a W and/or receive a refund, as it may be different for each course. 

If 你’re not sure if 你 should drop, sign into 虚拟支持中心 to get connected with a counselor and discuss 你r class options.

你会 only see a course in Canvas 7 days before the class starts. 如果它在 7 days of the class start day, one of the following reasons may be why 你 can’t the 帆布课程:

  • You may not actually be enrolled in 这门课 (may just be on the waitlist). 的候选人 students cannot 访问 a class until they actually add the class.
  • It may be that the instructor has not published 这门课 in Canvas yet. 你会 not be able to 访问 the actual course in Canvas if the instructor has not Published 这门课.  通过电子邮件与课程讲师联系.  电邮地址可 可以在 PCC目录.


  • 如果你需要学习如何使用Canvas, 看 学生画布概述 或者" how to " 视频指南.
  • 技术支持请联系 全天候Canvas学生热线:(844)303-4497 
  • If 你 are logged in to Canvas, 你 can also click the "Help" button for a 24/7 Chat 有一个Canvas代表.